The Magis Auto Body Panel Beating Process

Responsible vehicle ownership involves more than observing a strict maintenance and service routine. A responsible vehicle owner is one who understands all aspects related to the use and ownership of the automobile.

Panel beating is among the most common smash repairs undertaken on automobiles.

Therefore, responsible automobile owners should take a keen interest in what happens to their vehicles when they take them in for panel beating.

Realignment and Stretching

Realignment is the first thing that we do before commencement of any activities related to smash repair. Realignment of the automobile’s body is a corrective measure aimed at combating the misalignment occasioned by the damaging impact of a road accident or related forms of collision. Vehicle realignment is done using hydraulic lifts that adjust the position of the vehicle’s chassis as required, before it is worked on.

Stretching and shrinking of auto body parts is done to restore dented areas of a damaged vehicle’s body. Dents often appear as sections where the metal in the vehicle’s body is stretched out of its original shape. We use heat guns to apply heat onto affected areas before a panel-beating hammer is used to knock the dented area back into shape.

Planishing and Welding

After realignment and stretching, we planish and weld damaged parts of the vehicle’s body. We finely shape the panel surface and give it a smooth finish. This involves the use of a “skate” onto which the auto body panel is pressed.

Once this is done, we join different metal panels and related pieces of metal through the use of welding equipment. Welding in the panel beating process is used for reinforcement of the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Filling, Sanding, and Spray Painting

In some situations, restoration of smash repairs requires the application of putty fillers on the vehicle’s body. Putty fillers come in the form of mixed pastes that are shaped and smoothened as required once they’re dry.

Sanding of the vehicle’s body is done as a preparatory activity for the application of spray paint.

Spray-painting is the last activity involved in panel beating for smash repairs. This is the stage at which the more artistic vehicle owners incorporate graffiti into their automobile bodies.

What the client should do to get their vehicle repaired

Step 1: Ring us and/or your insurance company
Step 2: Arrange Assessment and/or Quotation
Step 3: Vehicle is stripped
Step 4: Panel is repaired or replaced
Step 5: Undercoating done
Step 6: Oven Bake
Step 7: Reassembling and inspection
Step 8: Completion