In order to get your vehicle fixed right choose Magis Auto Body, a customer centred, efficient, effective and reliable auto body repair shop.

The process of having your vehicle fixed right starts when you drop it off your at Magis Auto Body shop. We ensure upfront that all our clients have a clear understanding of what the shop is going to fix and how it will do the repair work on the vehicle and provide everything in writing.

A diagnostic process is undertaken and a report of the status of the vehicle is printed on all vehicles that require major repair work done to ascertain the nature and extend of the unseen damages prior to the start of the repair work.

We walk the client through all the steps we take in the repair process; we even touch up bolts under the hood that have been scratched while the vehicle is being repaired.When a vehicle is hit in the front, the frame may have been bent and require straightening on the rack. In this case Magis Auto Body uses the rack to pull the frame rails until the frame is straight. Special attention is paid to the measurement of the damaged area of the vehicle before and after the repair work. The frame specifications should be the same post-repair as they were before the accident.

Appearance matters to Magis Auto Body. We pay attention to the correct alignment of all gaps between body panels to ensure that the doors open and close properly with good alignment.

The headlights are turned on to ensure that the light beams are aligned. When a client picks up their vehicle, it is already washed, cleaned and vacuumed.

There will be no dirt and dust in the vehicle and definitely no old parts in the trunk, we even wash down the engine compartment before we hand over the keys to the

The Magis Auto Body Auto Body Repair Process
Step 1: Vehicle Drop Off
Step 2: Vehicle Pre-Wash
Step 3: Diagnostics conducted
Step 4: Vehicle Disassembly
Step 5: Assessment of Structural Damages
Step 6: Colour Matching the Paint
Step 7: Approval From Insurance Provider
Step 8: Order & Receive Parts for Repair
Step 9: Panel Beating and Repair of Body of Vehicle
Step 10: Apply Seam Sealer & Corrosion Protection
Step 11: Prepare Vehicle for Paint
Step 12: Apply Base Coat & Clear Coat
Step 13: Reassemble Vehicle
Step 14: Quality Control
Step 15: Schedule Pick-Up
Step 16: Inspection