Magis Auto Body is a proudly South African 100% black owned and a BBBEE level 1 business. Our staff compliment is representative of the South African demographics. We specialize in Auto Body and Bumper Repairs, Panel Beating, Auto body parts Replacement and Fitment, Dent Removals, Spray Painting, Polishing, Car Wash and Valet. We are customer centric with quick turnaround times at affordable rates. We strive at all costs to be the preferred supplier of all the Major Insurance Companies.

The Magis Auto Body Statements

The following three (3) statements guide and change the Magis Auto Body world of work.

  1. The Vision Statement
  2. A Mission Statement
  3. A Values Statement

Magis Auto Body Vision

Magis Auto Body strives to be the preferred auto body repairer of vehicles in the insurance industry, the private and public sector industries and the general public of South Africa.

Magis Auto Body Mission

  • Magis Auto Body will delight all customers and businesses with a level of service, quality and personal attention.
  • We are customer centric with quick turnaround at affordable rates.
  • We will be the preferred supplier of all major Insurance companies, government departments at all levels, private companies and the general public.
  • We will maintain quality relationships with major South African insurers with the state-of-art facilities, leading tools and equipment and efficient operating techniques and systems that enable electronic tracking and management, centralised claim placement and billing, and data provision and analysis.

Values Statement

We take time to define how we do our work and the talk we want to walk.

We ensure that our work reflects the values that we want to see in our clients.

The Magis Auto Body Values Statement provides the tools for the team to accomplish that.

First, our Values Statement looks outside the business to the visionary outcomes we want to accomplish for our clients.

Our values are based on customer centricity embedded in our desire to restore our clients’ vehicles to their original state.


From here, our Values Statement looks inside, to see how our own work will model those values, to teach those values by example.

When we have a tough decision to make we will not err on the side of those values nor compromise them.

“We always want the clients to be able to say the best things about the way we do our work.”

Magis Auto Body Values

  • Quality Workmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Productivity
  • Respect
  • Integrity